CYM Identity adds an extra authenticator which uses WebAuthn.
WebAuthn brings strong customer authentication to the Web using platform specific authenticators - Touch/Face Id (iOS, iPadOS, macOS), Screen Lock (Android) or Windows Hello - in addition to cross platform authenticators (Security Keys like Yubikeys).
WebAuth is available starting version 0.10 and up


In order to use WebAuthn, create an authenticator with cym_WebAuthn as the provider.
WebAuthn requires a specific configuration :
TypeYesThe Authenticator type. platform refers to Touch ID (iOS, iPadOS, macOS), Screen Lock (Android) or Windows Hello while cross-platform refers to Security Keys like Yubikeys
User VerificationYesKind of user verification required during the authentication phase
AttestationYesAttestation from the Authenticator. CYM Identity store this information but does not validate it
Relying Party NameYesThe name displayed to the user
Relying Party UrlYesThe domain name where the authenticator can be used. If you plan on deploying a custom domain, do it before deploying WebAuthn
Required AlgorithmsNoThe Algorithms accepted from the authenticators. Unless you have specific business needs, specify both ES256 and RS256 in this order. Default is RS256.

Integrating WebAuthn into your UI

You can refer to WebAuthn for more information on how to programmatically use WebAuthn.
You can visit our Github repo for a sample UI using WebAuthn