If you have created a Realm as part of the Community guide, you can skip the rest of this guide since you already have an Application created
The creation of a web app is a two step process:
  1. Create the Client object
  2. Assign scopes

Create a Client

You can fill in the required information following the Applications object reference. Make sure to select application_type = web
A few things to keep in mind :
  1. For optimum security, you can check the PKCE enforced
  2. Only choose the options which will be used by the applications. For example, if the web app is only going to use the Authorization code flow, only select the response_type code
  3. You can use the client_id generator which is part of the home screen of the CYM-Identity app to get a unique client_id

Assign scopes

As an admin, it's your responsibility to provide the application with the correct access to APIs. This is done through scopes :
  1. Navigate to the Client you created above
  2. Open the Scopes Tab on the detail page
  3. You can now add scopes to the application
Web App scope assignmentWeb App scope assignment
Your application is now ready to be used.