You are about to start setting up your organization to use CYM-Identity.
There are a few steps which can only be done by a System Adminsitrator.
Install CYM-Identity
CYM-Identity is a managed package, you'll need to install from the AppExchange.
System Administrator
Set up a Community
Deploy or use an existing Salesforce Community to host your CYM-Identity.
System Administrator
Set up a Realm
Realms allow you to create groups of applications which can communicate.
CYM-Identity Administrator
Set up an API
Create an API and set up the policies to access it
CYM-Identity Administrator
Test your set up
You can use the Playground to test everything you have set up so far.
CYM-Identity Administrator
Develop awesome experiences
Whether you are developing a Web app or a Mobile app, you can quickly get started with CYM-Identity
Application Developer
Migrating your connected apps
You can migrate your existing connected apps to CYM-Identity with a step by step guide.
Application Developer
API Developer
CYM-Identity Administrator