Multifactor Authentication

Secure your users and digital assets

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Secure every interaction individually

Apply security policies for each request and require the right factor at the right time

Let each application evaluate the user action risk and trigger the right MFA factor
Let administrators define MFA levels
Control how often users are prompted to enter their second factor
MFA policies
Step up authentication

Step up authentication

Use out-of-band push notifications or browser based flows to complete step up authentication

Use OpenID Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication for standard out-of-band push notifications
Use WebAuthn for browser based Step Up flows

Bring Your Own Authenticator

CYM Identity adds extra authenticators like biometrics on top of Salesforce Authenticators (SMS, TOTP, Push, ...).

If it's not enough, you can build your own authenticators (SMS with Twilio Verify, Push notifications with Amazon SNS, ...).

Your developers can use our detailed documentation to get started.

Bring Your Own Authenticator
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Custom Authenticators
Step up authentication
Factor Lifetime Management
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