Remove the friction from authentication

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Make your login a delight to your users

Built on top of Experience Cloud, you can use the power of Experience Builder, Visualforce, ... to make your login experience delightfull

Brand every pixel on the login pages
Use custom domains
Integrate Social Identities & Enterprise login
Custom Authentication Experience
Offer different authenticators

Use the right authentication method for each user

Each one of us has preferences when it comes to authentication, why not allow users to choose what to use

Username & Password
Social Login
Enterprise login

Go passwordless today

Passwords have always been difficult for users, get rid of them today.

Enable passwordless authentication:

Security Keys
Push notifications
Custom Authentication Experience
Bring Your Own Authenticator

Bring Your Own Authenticator

CYM Identity adds extra authenticators like biometrics on top of Salesforce Authenticators (SMS, TOTP, Push, ...).

If it's not enough, you can build your own authenticators (SMS with Twilio Verify, Push notifications with Amazon SNS, ...).

Your developers can use our detailed documentation to get started.

Authenticated users can access apps built outside of Salesforce

Give your users Single Sign On across your complete ecosystem

You can use the same login experience to secure applications built outside Salesforce

Single Page Applications
Web Applications
Mobile apps
Let users access applications outside of Salesforce
CYM Identity Features
Salesforce IdentityCYM Identity
Social ConnectionsSAML & Auth. Providers
Enterprise ProvidersSAML & Auth. Providers
Single Sign On across Apps
Single Logout across Apps
SMS Authentication
OTP Authentication
Push Notifications Authentication
Biometrics Authentication
Custom Authenticators