Represents a request to the /authorize endpoint
List of oAuth2 / OpenId Connect parameters
global String redirect_uri;
global String client_id;
global String response_type;
global String state;
global String code_challenge;
global String code_challenge_method;
global String nonce;
global String response_mode;
global String prompt;
global Integer max_age;
global String[] ui_locales;
global String id_token_hint;
global String login_hint;
global String[] acr_values;
global String[] scope;


global String realm;


Returns the Realm name which can be used to lookup extra information


global Set<String> keySet();


The list of parameters passed by the client which are not part of the oAuth2 & OpenID Specification. If you want to add extra parameters in the requests, make sure to use conflict resistant parameters. Any future oAuth2 parameters will not be part of this Set.

global String get(String key);


A method to retrieve the value of non standard parameters.